Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Bloom Day

If you've checked out any of the posts over at May Dreams Garden, where Carol hosts Garden Blogger's Bloom Day every 15th, you've noticed that plants are well ahead of their "usual" schedule. Here at Casa de Rankin, the situation is much the same, although since things typically bloom/ripen later here than they do everywhere else, even down the street, we're really only running a few weeks ahead of what would be considered normal.

So without further ado...

...many native wildflowers are blooming, such as golden alexanders (Zizia aurea)

and prairie smoke (Geum triflorum).

Columbines aren't fooled by the warm weather we've had; they're ready to bloom a few weeks early but aren't as audacious as these others natives.

The Polygonatum is blooming...

...and the lilacs are definitely ahead of schedule! They've been covered in little butterflies all weekend, an extra plus!

And what would April be without tulips?! Every year I declare that I can stand digging in the terrible clay to plant more tulips, and every spring I fall in love with them anew and pledge to plant more. So it goes again this year!

These 'Dordogne' tulips are the "single late" variety, but they're ready to burst into their full glory. I am definitely adding more this fall.

Disclaimer: The following photos came from a few days ago because these beauties were decimated by strong storms last night. But they're too lovely NOT to share:

I discovered 'Ad Rem' at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show in March 2011, and they confirm for me why I worked so hard to plant bulbs in my unrepentant, stubborn clay.

Paired with yellow 'Jaap Groot' they were breathtaking. I know I'm going to add some contrasting purple tulips (plus those Dorgognes), but I may make some space for more of these too!

As mentioned previously, check out May Dreams Garden for more Bloom Day!


Rose said...

I remember those 'Ad Rem' tulips from the Chicago show a year ago! They made quite an impression on me there, and they're equally stunning in your garden, Rose. May I ask where you purchased them? The 'Dordogne' are gorgeous, too. Yes, each fall I ask myself do I really want to spend so much time on my hands and knees planting them, but it's always worth it when spring comes around.

Hope the storms haven't caused too much damage in your garden. I think the hail missed us last night, fortunately.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm so pleased to see the Geum triflorum doing so well in your garden. Those tulips were gorgeous! You had an excellent display of them. If it weren't for the deer and squirrels, I'd consider trying that here.

garden girl said...

I don't know why it amazes me to see tulips blooming. They seem to survive the bunnies in so many gardens. For me, in every garden I've had, they're rabbit food!

Wow - your prairie smoke is blooming already! We have a lot of early blooms, but prairie smoke isn't blooming or budding yet.

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