Sunday, July 17, 2011

Where's the Chard?

Hey, did anyone else not get their Swiss Chard seeds from One Seed Chicago? I was so excited that chard won, and through what must be some snafu, my seeds never arrived! I voted for chard and even tried to spread the word through this blog! So it is a sad irony they never got here. But, if anyone has a suggestion on who to contact at One Seed Chicago and/or NeighborSpace, please leave me a comment. I'd like to try a fall crop if I can get them.


Sissy said...

Aw, shoot! Perhaps it will come in time for a fall planting??! Chard + garlic= awesome!!

Rose said...

Maybe they're late because they're counting on a fall planting. You've reminded me, though, that I planted some this spring that didn't come up. I'll have to try again--once we get some rain so the ground isn't like concrete.

garden girl said...

I didn't get my seeds either Rose. I'd forgotten about them until reading your post!

I checked the One Seed Chicago blog and don't see a page with their contact email, but since One Seed Chicago is a NeighborSpace project, you might try their email:
Hopefully they can help get your seeds to you.

Ramble on Rose said...

Sissy-I love sauteed chard with some garlic! One day I'm finally going to grow garlic too!

Rose-The flooding/drought this growing season has been so challenging! My carrot seeds have struggled too.

GG-I'm glad to know it wasn't just me, although I'm sorry you didn't get yours either. Thank you for the email address, and I will follow up!

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