Sunday, May 10, 2009

Have you seen me?

Can anyone help identify this shrub?

I realize that's not the best picture, so here's some more characteristics: It's about 8' tall with small, pinnate leaves and pink flowers that bloom at the same time as lilacs. Here's a close-up of the leaves and flowers:

I don't have many shrubs in my garden, just a lilac and a forsythia, and I don't know as much as I should about shrubs, aside from a few natives (arrowwood, elderberry, etc.) and I know this isn't one of those. So if anyone out there has seen this shrub, please let me know! Here's one more look:

On a different note, I missed an intense rainstorm earlier this week while I was out of town, but I received a report that my rain garden was filled to capacity and performed admirably. I checked on the sedges when I got back, and I found that this Pennsylvania sedge got a little beat up...

...but the owl-fruit sedges (C. stipata) are doing great! They were a last-minute addition, and I'm very glad that I gave in to an impulse buy.

Hopefully the C. pensylvanicas will get a little stronger as they get better established. The forbs arrive next Saturday, and I'm very excited!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! I'm hoping it warms up a little today so that I can spend my Mother's Day working in the garden. I wish the same for all of you!!


garden girl said...

Hi Rose, it looks like a honeysuckle to me - probably has some small, bright red berries later in the summer, right?

rambleonrose said...

It does indeed! Thanks Linda!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm so sorry, but I have to agree with Garden Girl. I had 2 of the Honeysuckles, before I got so sick of them & ripped them out. Can you tell I hate them?

rambleonrose said...

I can certainly understand your ambivalence, MMG. I see these things everywhere!

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