Friday, May 15, 2009

Bloom Day--May

There are lots of things in bloom around here, particularly in the shady half of the front bed, where my beloved red maple has put out robust leaves within the last couple weeks. Here's some Lily of the Valley, with a Jacob's Ladder (Polemonium reptans) peeking into the frame...

He's so nice, he deserves his own shot:

Here's another look at the shady section.

There's a shooting star (Dodecatheon meadia) back there and the two Dicentras. That Lily of the Valley is being engulfed by a tulip that didn't bloom this year. Somehow, I planted the Lily without realizing it was on top of a tulip! There's also Yellow Pimpernel (Taenidia interrigima) that hasn't bloomed yet. It's new this year, so it may not bloom at all, but I'm interested to see how this plant does here. It's supposed to grow in dry shade, and I certainly have no shortage of that!

The last of my single-late tulips are in full bloom. These were planted by the previous owner of the house, but I like their hot pink color. It kind of spices up an otherwise quiet part of the garden right now.

My lilac is in full bloom and the columbines are starting to blossom, and my peonies and irises are ready to burst soon. I hope you're enjoying many May blooms as well, and be sure to check out May Dreams Gardens for more Bloom Day fun!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Watch out for that Lily of the Valley, it'll start taking over before you know it. It is a lovely thing though. Those Tulips are great! Big, pink, strong, everything you could ask for. Too bad you don't know what they are.
Have you put your URL in Mister Linky at May Dreams Gardens? I didn't see it.

rambleonrose said...

It's already started to spread! But I'm OK with it--the dry shade in that spot is kind of challenging, so if the Lily of the Valley is happy, then I'm happy with having more of it (at least for now). Thanks for pointing out the lack of URL. I just updated it. I added it to the Mister Linky there last month, so I'm kind of concerned that I did it wrong somehow. Hopefully this month it sticks!

Linette said...

Beautiful. Love the Lily of the Valley, my husband took mine out with the weed eater yesterday:-( Not sure what he was thinking, they were just starting to bloom.

rambleonrose said...

Linette, that is downright tragic! I hope you can replace it for next year!

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