Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Radiation Update: Halfway Home

Today marked the halfway point of my radiation treatments! 17 down, 16 to go!

Side effects are still manageable. I have to moisturize the skin all the time but it's not too bad. I'm finding it difficult to rest when the weather is nice and I really want to be out doing stuff! But, I'm trying to be mindful of when I feel run down and then take it easy (as best I can). It seems unbelievable that I have three more weeks of cancer treatment and then it's OVER.

And then there's these: hellebores blooming!


Rose said...

Great! And by today you're even further past that halfway mark. Good to see your hellebore blooming--you should be finished in time to enjoy even more spring blooms, Rose.

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Twinkle said...

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