Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Official

The 2012 gardening season has begun, and 2011 hasn't even ended! But I received my first seed catalog today, and with that I'll start scheming and dreaming of what to grow next year.

Already I'm planning on ordering more tomato plants from Seed Savers Exchange and skipping the bell peppers, which have barely produced multiple peppers, much less a decent crop. I'm hoping for a rebound in the carrot crop, and I'll still devote a ridiculous amount of precious real estate to broccoli, the home grown version of which is just incomparable.

Seed catalogs lead to reflections on the past growing season and hope for the next. What could be more perfect at this time of year?!


Lea's Menagerie said...

I'm excited to plan next year's garden, too! I recently went to a gardening program at our County Extension Service. The speaker gave away seed packets from Seed Savers Exchange. I got some Silver Queen Okra to try in my garden next year.
Happy Garden Dreams!

Rose said...

Nothing like the first seed catalogs to brighten up your spirits and get you dreaming during the long, cold days of winter. Once the Christmas season is over, I'll start dreaming and planning, too.

Sissy said...

I sure can relate-nothing compares to home grown broccoli! Seed catalogs are so comforting!

garden girl said...

Checking out the seed catalogs makes me want to find more space for the veggies!

I'm with you on broccoli. For that matter, I can't think of a single veggie that doesn't taste better from the garden.

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