Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June Bloom Day--Full Stride

A hectic week means a late post for Bloom Day, which is hosted each month by Carol of May Dreams Garden. But this is quite possibly my favorite month, and I'm happy to share some of what's blooming here. So without further ado...

Prairie phlox (P. pilosa), or as Gail from Clay and Limestone refers to them, Practically Perfect Pink Phlox.

Unknown pollinator on a sand coreopsis (C. lanceolata).

Peonies before rain damage...they're still OK now but looking a little worse for the wear after some intense rainstorms recently.

'Moonshine' yarrows are day-glow yellow.

Sand coreopsis, salvia and a peony.

Also blooming but not pictured:
Yellow pimpernel (Taenidia integgerima)
Coral bells
Alumroot (Heuchura richardsonii)
Harebell (Campanula rotundifolia)
Nectaroscordums (N. siculum)


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

The peonies did look really good this year until that one rain. Fortunately, I have one peony that is a late bloomer that missed the worst of it. Doesn't that little phlox smell divine?

Bernie said...

Beautiful blooms. The Peonies are lovely and I do love that Peony, Salvia and Coreopsis combination.

Anonymous said...

I found you through GBBD, and have been exploring your blog- what great material! I'm just about inspired to dig a big rain garden.

RedneckRosarian said...

Very nice peonies. My mom loved them. Great blog. Happy GBBD!

Rose said...

Your peonies are beautiful, Rose! And I love the prairie phlox, too; I'm hoping it spreads even more in my garden next year.

You asked about my 'Husker Red' penstemons, or at least I think that's the cultivar I have. They are growing in my butterfly garden which is a free-for-all of mostly native plants. I enjoy watching the butterflies there and am constantly surprised by what blooms, since there are so many re-seeders. But I do very little maintenance in that area which is in full sun and generally rather dry. So 'Husker Red' is definitely one tough plant and easy to grow--you'll love it!

scottweberpdx said...

June is a great month for gardeners, isn't it! Love that cute and charming!

RBell said...

So many garden blogs posting pictures of Peonies - obviously its their time to shine. Yours look great to me. Happy GBBD.

garden girl said...

Beautiful blooms Rose! I LOVE your white peony.

Commonweeder said...

Right now my peonies and my roses are drenched, but I am hoping we have 24 dry hours before the Garden Tour - tomorrow!

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