Tuesday, October 19, 2010

English People Being Cool

Check out this video of Todmorden's urban food production in the UK.

For anyone interested in urban renewal through community gardens, this is a prime example. Unfortunately there's not too many details on how the gardens get watered and how particular city ordinances were addressed or overcome (although the topic is broached).

Look for fascinating use of a cemetary, purple cauliflower, and squashes that looked way better than mine.


Gail said...

That was a fun video~Amazing to think they cannot grow tomatoes except in a hothouse...gail

Rose said...

Interesting, Rose. I had trouble hearing all of what they were saying, but thought it was neat the way they used so many different available spaces for growing vegetables. Were those big green vegetables she was carrying squashes??

garden girl said...

So inspiring how the community gardening concept is spreading throughout the globe. Thanks so much for the link Rose. That last last aerial scene was lovely.

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