Friday, April 2, 2010


I know that the beautiful 70 and 80 degree weather we've had this week is a tease.

I know that just because March went out like the proverbial lamb does not mean that April will continue to act as such.

I know that we will have freezing temperatures and probably even snow, possibly more than once in the next six to eight weeks.

I know all this, but it still didn't stop me from planting the first of the veggies in the new bed. No, I ignored my better judgment and went right ahead planting two types of spinach, four types of lettuce, three kinds of onion sets and some green onion seeds. I'm comforting myself with the knowledge that, yes, these are all cold-season crops and, in a worst-case scenario, I still have many more seeds (and sets) should these ones get frozen to death in a late-season storm.

But in an ominous sign that growing vegetables may not be all that easy, my broccoli seedlings are flopping at a worrying pace. And this is after being exposed to strong sunlight and the fluorescent lamp for regular amounts of daily light. Luckily, I still have numerous broccoli seeds left for direct sowing.

So with fingers crossed, the veggie gardening has begun!


garden girl said...

I think your cool-season veggies will be fine outside. I take the same approach with those 'crops' - there are always more seeds if they get zapped by cold. Last year we had frost after I planted cool-season veggies, and they did fine anyway.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how you do with your veggies Rose. I think you'll have fun.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Yes, this weather is a tease... getting colder now, too.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Your cold crops will be fine. Mine have been in for two weeks and have already germinated. They can take a frost. The plants that look poorly may be suffering from damp off. If they are planted in potting soil this may be the case. Seed starting mix is a safer bet. But, maybe this is what you used, so the sooner you can get them outside the better.


Gail said...

Rose, This is why I scatter my seeds outside...but if I ever veggie garden I am going to be here asking you for your hard earned wisdom! gail

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

How exciting! I can't wait to see the new garden filled with plants. I would have sowed my lettuce and spinach this week, but got too busy with Easter stuff, but then I direct sow, which is not the same as planting seedlings.

rambleonrose said...

GG--Thanks! I'm hoping for it to be fun too!

DGG--Yeah, we're in for some more cold temps this week.

GGs--Thanks for the tip! These were in soilless mix, but I transplanted them shortly after your comment. They clearly weren't happy in the house!

Gail--I would be honored to share any wisdom with you!

MMD--I actually direct sowed the seeds in the garden. Only the broccoli was started indoors. Hopefully all this rain hasn't drowned them!

Rose said...

It's hard to resist not planting anything outside right now with the beautiful warm weather we've had. As you say, April can still give us some unpleasant surprises. But I don't think you were impetuous at all in planting those veggies--as soon as I can get my veggie bed tilled up, I'm going to be doing the same. Cool season crops should withstand a late freeze.

Your seedlings look great! Most of mine have just begun to emerge and have a while before I can even think about planting any of them.

Commonweeder said...

I'm worrying that I have have started some of my seedlings too early, but I can put some out in my tiny cold frame and maybe we'll get through until I can put them in the ground. Freeze predicted for tonight.

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