Monday, January 25, 2010

Hyacinths happening

Late last week I moved my pot of hyacinth bulbs from the cool, dark garage to my front window, which unfortunately hasn't been too bright lately but is still technically providing light. It had been ten weeks in the dark--a little less time than the handy guide that came with the bulbs recommended, but I have read Elizabeth Licata explaining that she moved forced bulbs into the light after ten weeks when they showed vigorous root growth and good sprouting. I'm happy to say these hyacinths met both of those criteria, and if it's bulb-related and EAL says it, I'm buying it.

So now the waiting game continues! You can see a future flower stalk (or something) growing between the leaves. All of them are showing this same growth but that was the clearest picture I could get. Two of these are 'Blue Jacket' and two are 'Woodstock', but they got mixed up in the bag on my way home from the garden center and I will have to wait until they bloom to see where they ended up. Somehow quite serendipitously, I seem to have planted the same cultivars across from each other. Notice how two are very tall and two are shorter?

I've watered them once and am eagerly hovering over them. Please, let's have blooms in February!!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Those most definitely are flower buds. They're looking good. You'll probably start having blooms in about a week or so. Good job!

EAL said...

Those look great; you have big buds there and clearly they chilled quite long enough. The great thing about hyacinths too is that they are not as needy of sun as other bulbs.
You also picked 2 good forcing varieties. Can't wait to see the flowers!
Thanks for the linkie!

Rose said...

They look very promising, Rose! I also read Elizabeth's posts about forcing bulbs, such a great tutorial for a neophyte like me. But I think I've put my bulbs in the light too soon, and I have trouble keeping myself from watering them. Uh-oh, I guess we'll see what happens. Can't wait to see your blooms!

rambleonrose said...

MMD--Thank you! A week would be fabulous!

EAL--You're welcome, and I'm glad to know these are good varieties. I chose them based on their color alone! Thanks for your help!!

Rose--It was really hard for me to wait that 10 weeks. Now I'm trying to avoid my penchant for overwatering!

garden girl said...

Looking good Rose! I've received bulbs for forcing as gifts a few times, but never seem to get around to buying them for myself.

It looks like you'll definitely have blooms for February!

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