Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Bloom Day

So it appears that we are skipping the sunny, crisp, beautiful days of autumn and moving directly into the cold, sleety, foreboding days of autumn. Under these conditions, I present an extremely brief Bloom Day post!

The salvia 'Plumosa' is on its last legs, showing the final blooms of its year.

I have one mum. Yes, one lonely individual mum.

I'm not a huge fan of mums (being the ultra-overused fall flower that they are), but I do love the color of this one, hence it's inclusion in my garden last year. It's in too much shade, but I'm enjoying how it looks next to the Japanese painted fern and 'Silver Veil' heuchera.

And my Very Confused Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea) is still blooming, even after a couple nights of hard frost! This plant is turned upside down, but it's making me smile with its oddness and resilience.

To see more floriferous gardens, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden who graciously hosts Bloom Day!


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm not a Mum fan either, but I do like the color of yours. I wish mine were that color. The Zizia is just too funny.

Rose said...

Gotta love that Golden Alexander! I have some confused plants, too, but it's no wonder--I'm still wondering if we are going to have an autumn at all. I think my one lonely mum is the same color as yours. At this time of year I welcome any spots of color I can find!

Gail said...

Rose, We are missing fall too! What a bummer! I totally fell in love with ZZizia at the CBG! But thought it would never survive the dry times here! HA! This year it would have tripled in size! It's a great plant.

Kathy said...

Was your mum a passalong, too? It looks very similar in color to ming. That zizia grows in our field. Is it a native?

rambleonrose said...

MMD-Yeah, I had to give that mum a try because it's such a nice color of purplish-magenta. And it was on sale too, that helped!

Rose--I think your clematis is as confused as my Zizia! I'm glad to know my garden isn't the only one with some psychosis!

Gail--What is with this nonexistent autumn? It's been too cold and rainy for me to even plant my bulbs yet. Argh!

Kathy--The Zizia is indeed a native. It's a moist prairie plant and is related to Zizia aptera, aka Heart-leaved Alexander, which grows in drier prairies.

The mum was not a passalong, but rather an impulse buy last year at a local nursery. I got a second mum with it (a different kind), but it got eaten by a rabbit or squirrel within days of me planting it. I guess this surviving one didn't look appetizing?

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