Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One more look

In my garden there have been a few things lacking this year; two of those things are butterflies and great photos. The first I can't help or explain. Hopefully it's just a climatic vagary because of another item so often lacking this summer--sunshine. The second, however, is a simple fact, because I have always focused on my writing skills instead of my photography skills. Can I capture decent shots occasionally? Yes, and I think blogging has helped me to improve. But I'm a wordsmith at heart, and I'm not ashamed of it.

So that is why I'm showing this photo, which looks suspiciously similar to my previous header photo. It captures all of the above-mentioned items I've been lacking. This is my entry for the August Picture This contest over at Gardening Gone Wild. I've never had the guts to attempt an entry before, but this remarkable garden moment was quite possibly the best photo shoot I've ever had. I was literally on my knees (which follows the contest's requirements), peering above into the lilac bush snapping pictures of this swallowtail butterfly as it happily feasted on the flowers. It was a strange moment of frantic and calm all at once as I captured what I knew was an extremely rare opportunity with such a willing and beautiful subject. OK, now I will stop showing these photos, and as you see I've changed my header recently. Don't forget to check out the GGW roundup for some fabulous garden photography!


beckie said...

Rose, this is indeed a great photo! Isn't it thrilling when you know you've gotten a good one and then downloading it and there it is-glorious.

I wish some one could explain the lack of butterflies this year. :)

GinaD said...

The new header photo you have up is pretty cool as well . . . I really like the color combination of the flowers, and the in focus-out of focus situation is interesting. Just keep at it, like everything else practice makes perfect.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

It is a great photo. What is so neat is that you don't usually see large butterflies on Lilacs, they usually bloom too early for the butterflies.

Frances said...

I am so happy for you to get these shots, Rose! You did a great job and I know the feeling well of being so excited but at the same time keeping calm as you snap. Good luck on the contest! :-)

garden girl said...

It's not easy getting clear photos of butterflies - they seem pretty camera-shy, moving fast enough to make it a challege photographing them. Great shot Rose!

rambleonrose said...

Thank you very much to all of you for your kind words! That is a general response; here are more individualized ones.

Beckie--Where are the entomologists when you need them? Why don't we have butterflies this year??

GinaD--I was pleasantly surprised at how cool the focus looked in that picture!

MMG--I didn't even know butterflies liked lilacs at all! It was news to me.

Frances--Your photos have been very inspiring!

GG--I usually don't even bother trying to get pictures of butterflies since they're so fast; it was really a stroke of luck here!

Carol said...

Rose, did you see on my blog that everyone who entered the drawing for the Cobrahead weeder gets one? Please email me so I can send you info on how to get yours!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

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